Mini Vegan Lemon Cheesecakes

This recipe is probably my favourite summer dessert yet. It’s so light, creamy, and delicious. The surprise ingredient – TOFU! It adds the creamy texture as well as binds everything to make it cook perfectly! Hope you enjoy. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup cashews, soaked overnight 2 cups dates 1 cup ground almonds 1 cup groundContinue reading “Mini Vegan Lemon Cheesecakes”

Summer Pasta Salad 

   This picture is pretty self explanatory of how delcious it is. There are so many vegetables and colours it’s perfect to eat in the summer. This salad is filled with nutrients from the edamame, the peppers, and the feta. It’s such an easy meal and super healthy too! Ingredients: 1 box gluten free pastaContinue reading “Summer Pasta Salad “