About Me


Hello fellow foodies! Thank you for exploring my blog and wondering who I am! My name is Andrea, a girl currently living in Canada. I love food and eating healthy. Experimenting and creating recipe’s is pretty much how I spend my free time. I’ve been vegetarian for six years but transitioned to a full plant-based diet in May 2016. I eat this way for my health, the animals, and for the environment. I have had digestive issues since birth and have never been able to find comfort in my day-to-day life. I spent too many hours at the doctors and consumed toxic medications hoping for some sort of relief. It wasn’t until I cut all animal foods out of my diet that I finally felt comfort. I truly believe incorporating as much plant-based foods into your diet is extremely important when hoping to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Also, I chose this lifestyle as I love animals and the environment and will do anything to reduce my carbon foot print. I graduated from Culinary School with a focus on Nutrition in 2017, where I learned how to create delicious and nutritious meals. I am currently obtaining my degree in nutrition science where I hope to put both my educations together and create healthy recipes for people. I hope my blog will inspire and influence you to be a risk taker, and try some of my awesome plant-based recipe’s! Feel free to continue your exploring to my Instagram @theplantprincess! Enjoy and keep on glowing green. ❤

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