Our Story


I am Andrea, a Registered Dietitian, trained Chef and founder of Glowing on Greens. I am passionate about plant-based nutrition and preventative medicine. I began Glowing on Greens to educate and offer services regarding the extensive information regarding nutrition I have learned over the years of my education and experience. The science is continuously showing us that incorporating as much plant-based, whole foods into your diet is the most optimal method to improve your health and longevity.

I work alongside Toronto Vegetarian Association writing monthly blog posts regarding seasonal foods and their nutritional benefits. Additionally I work with patients who have diabetes and/or are overweight. I specialize in plant-based nutrition, however will work with all types of diets and food preferences.

My Services tab will illustrate more in-depth on how we can work together whether through counselling, education, or cooking.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Let’s build something together.

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