Product Testing: Daiya Pepperjack Style Cheese

Like most people (vegans) on this planet.. Daiya isn’t our favourite tasting thing in the world. However, in my opinion, the best tasting vegan-cheese I’ve tried. When I saw this at the grocery store I had to try! I’ve only ever tried regular cheddar and mozz style daiya cheese so when I saw this I had to buy. I’ll review taste and texture by its self and incorporated. I decided to make a grilled cheese with it and also topped my soup with it. 

By itself:

  • Smells like daiya (nothing special)
  • Texture of regular cheese
  • Peppery, savoury, really enjoyable

With others:

  • Melted really nicely
  • Stringy like cheese
  • A little slimey


I really like this flavour! I don’t usually buy vegan cheese because I can live without it, but this is actually quite good and something I’d consider incorporating in different dishes. It melts really nicely and pretty immediate. It didn’t require too much heat to melt as well. Once it’s melted it doesn’t have that weird smell as well! 8/10 

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