Product Testing: Sweets From The Earth Cookie Dough

I feel like I’m in heaven when I walk through the doors of a health food store and see all of these vegan goodies!! I never leave the store with at least two new things I haven’t tried. 

This is my first time doing a blog post on testing a new product but I thought I’d try it since I’m always buying new things! I tried the brownie batter from sweets from the earth and ate them all within a day so the results of how they were are pretty self explanatory. Anyways I’m super excited to try this as I’m always craving sweets but too lazy to make a recipe for them! Any recommendations for my next product test let me know in the comments! 

Visual: Crunchy on outside, soft middle, gooey chocolate chips

They didn’t spread to much but I figured that would happen because most vegan sweets don’t, so I spaced them out perfectly. 

Taste and texture: Decadent, velvety, chocolatey, moist

I burnt my toung cause I was too excited to wait but it was so worth it! It is so rich and decadent but not overloading, just the perfect amount. Once they sat they got more crispier and chewier but that’s also normal for any cookie. 
Overall review

Absolutely amazing. So easy to make they were ready in 20 minutes start to finish. The back says you can eat it raw if preferred but I definitely recommend cooking as it accentuates the gooey richness! I’m always going to support vegan companies but when they actually deliver an amazing, good quality product, I’m overly super excited! I’m definitely impressed with this product, 10/10. 

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