Healthy Comfort Food

  So I’m not feeling the greatest tonight and just wanted comforting food for dinner, but I knew if I ate like crap I would feel even crappier so I made the best comfort food of all.. Potatoes, with some vegetables on the side. I chose light vegetables with not super pungent flavours that might upset my stomach more like green beans and bell peppers. I roasted the peppers so they’d be less acidic and they turned out perfectly! I also roasted some cashews for protein and this was my first time roasting cashews and they didn’t turn out too bad!!  

For my potatoes, I used my roasted sweet potato recipe for them and they were fabulous (as always)! All of these flavours and colours honestly made me feel so much better because of how light and healthy it was. Instead of indulging in comforting foods like breads and fatty foods when feeling sick- try a lighter and healthier option because believe it or not, you’ll feel that much better!

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